Motivation Hacking with Memorable Mantras

Find a phrase that makes you tick, repeat it 100 times, then say it when you next question whether to do something or not. If it is the right phrase for you, I guarantee you’ll get moving faster, lifting heavier weight, completing more task on a daily basis, the list goes on.

My top 3 Mantras to Maximise Motivation:

  1. Win every moment. I’ve been using this one everyday lately, I think it resonates with every facet of life. To me life is a constant struggle for freedom. Moreover, every situation that presents itself to you is an opportunity to have a small win. It could be a conversation with a new face, a gym session, a day off, a free hour, or anything… If you go into these moments looking to dominate, eventually then moments are going to add up, and eventually – you will be winning the battle.
  2. We are what we repeatedly do. This one is great too and it’s one I struggle with every day. You see, I have a less than desirable past; I smoked like a chimney, I drank like a fish, I was fat as a fool, I didn’t believe in myself, and I was terribly lazy. I am a firm believer of another similar phrase, the habits you form early in life will, more than likely, be with you for the rest of your existence, which explains to me why I have so many vices that can bring me unstuck if I am not careful. Hence, I aim to repeatedly do what’s unfamiliar to me – eat well, train frequently, and avoid the many addictions I once had, to be a better human.
  3. If it doesn’t challenge you it wont change you. Nothing ever good comes from sitting within one’s comfort zone. All my great ideas come following a catastrophic event, or something unusual. I get stronger by lifting heavy weight. I get smarter by hanging with people who make me feel inferior because of their intelligence. If we’re comfortable, it means we’re cruising or drifting through life. We’ve only got one shot at life, who wants it to drift on by?

What are some of your favourite mantras that help you win at life?




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