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Want to get MORE from your media consumption? Start by watching and learning from people fulfilling their dreams, rather than sitting down in front of the television. This is why I rarely turn on the TV anymore; I have moved to YouTube as my number one source for information digestion.

Personally, I find it way more intriguing and informative to watch an individual with similar interests, problems, goals and aspirations to me, rather than sit in front of a television and be force-fed, biased mass-media, created to be either hit-or-miss with the consumer. For example, using terms I read from growth hacking blogger, Tomer Garzberg…

Media consumption can be similar to start ups,

“Think of your approach to finding your niche market as a choice of firearm between a shotgun or a sniper rifle. It’s easy to take a shotgun, spray bullets in every direction and hope to hit a potential target. It takes a lot more concentration and dedication to take a sniper rifle to hit your target, but you can rest assured, you’ll hit your target.”

In this example, television, newspapers, and magazines are the shotguns, and YouTube is the sniper riffle. I’m writing this so you do not make the same mistake I did years ago, I rebelled against technology and YouTube, ignorant to its power. If you’re unhappy with how much you know about your modalities of training, or anything else for than matter, take the time to get on YouTube, search for like-minded-individuals who are sharing their experiences, subscribe, and accelerate your learning.

If you’re interested in weightlifting, strength training for sports, and trekking the outdoors, head to my YouTube channel, and you might find some content of value.

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