Food Hack: Kill Cravings with Burpee Punishments

If you have a sweet tooth then this could be the trick you are looking for that kills those nasty cravings for ever.

It’s no secret that I have a few vices that can really bring me unstuck. I mentioned it a previous post, Motivation Hacking with Memorable Mantras, I used to smoke, drink, eat terribly, and the list goes on. Thankfully, I’ve discovered a way to stop eating a few of the nasty items that cause me so much short term happiness, and such long term regret.

I’m talking about Tim Tams people, and also ice-cream. My golly I love these two foods if that’s what you can call them.

It all started in January 2015, I was living with a great lad named Sam. Such a nice Canadian bloke, great to have around, always up for something, he was a yes man. Unfortunately, he discovered Tim Tams while living with me, they entered the house by the truck load, especially the  Salted Caramel ones designed by Zumbo.

Naturally I ate a few of his, and a few more. Then I would buy my own packets when they were on special. I’m sure you can relate. Well it got the final straw when I ate a whole packet on my drive to work just because I could. That was it I said, never again. I swore to myself, for every Tim Tam I ate I had to do 50 burpees.

Needless to say, I haven’t  had a Tim Tam since. Why this has worked I’m not too sure, but I could have a guess. You see, I’ve also mentioned before that am lazy at heart, and so the fear of 50 burpees must outweigh the  cravings of a sweet treat. Yahoo! Genius.

Not quite. The void from the Tim Tams was quickly filled with Sara Lea ice cream. I got to the stage where I was consuming a 1L tub in 3 nights. Consequently, ice cream made it’s way to the banned substances list, and BOOM, no more ice cream since.

Burpees are a powerful deterrent for me, maybe they are for you too, if so give this little trick a try. What food do you need to put a burpee punishment on?




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  1. Orea chocolate wafers and a block roast almond chocolate have just gone on the list! 1000’s of burpees coming up…

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