About Strength Hacks


I’m James. I’m a 30 year old bloke from Bombala, a small town in southern New South Wales, who’s trying to make it in the professional sport realm as a strength and conditioning coach. I love the arm wrestle, I’m in for the long haul, but if the current lifestyle persists, I wont be able to have nice things like a family or a house, ever!

My Story

I used to work in a timber mill, slaving away from 6:00am to 4:30pm, Monday to Thursday for $15.44 per hour, luckily Fridays were overtime. I did this for too long (but I was happy), then moved onto another job, and another job, and the trend continued.

Meanwhile, I played nearly every sport available along the way – Rugby League, Rugby Union, Touch Football, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Squash, Lawn Bowls, Cycling, I even tried my hand at competitive Darts. I never stepped foot in a gym though.

It wasn’t until I’d moved to Canberra, I was 23, I wanted to give Australian Rules Football a try, but I was overweight and unfit. I joined Fitness First, and BAM! I spent $1200 over the course of a year to attend the gym twice. Yes, I said it, twice. That’s $600 per visit.

To cut to the chase, following an unavoidable situation beyond my control, I needed a radical change. One month later I was attending university and studying Exercise Science.

A lot has happened in the 5 years that followed, I’ve finished university, moved to Sydney, completed two internships (one of which we won a Super Rugby title), become a CrossFit Coach, coached in two Private Schools, delivered seminars to Lawn Bowls NSW, and more. Plus, to put another feather in the sporting cap, I am training to compete in Olympic Weightlifting.

I’ll post more of my life story – the good, the bad, and the ugly later.

UPDATE May 20th 2016!

I moved back to Canberra at Christmas 2015 because I wanted to be closer to my family so I could help out. I’m now a casual Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Australian Institute of Sport working with Volleyball and Tennis.

Why the Strength Hacks Blog?

I love helping people achieve their goals, and to put it frankly, why should I reserve all my knowledge to elite level athletes? The same principles can be applied to everybody, only general populations have MORE room to make improvements.

I treat my own body like a science experiment, I use evidence based practice to shape my training, analyse my performance, the GAINZ, and strive to get better every day. I am my very own test dummy. If you’re into health and fitness already, I hope my experiences – both good and bad – can help you make progress towards your own goals.

If you’re not into health and fitness yet, or perhaps thinking about making a change in your life,  maybe you can relate to some of my experiences, which may light the fire in your belly to take a course of action.

I want this blog to be as transparent as possible, I want to share with you what I know now, and I want to keep sharing with you what I’ll know later.

Strength Hacks is not a gimmick, THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR HARD WORK, but there is a lot of fluff and misleading information out there in the wide world of health and fitness. My goal is to deliver you VALUABLE INFORMATION WITHOUT THE FLUFF.

More to this site is coming soon. Have a happy day everybody. JT 🙂